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Svenja Margareta GUENTHNER
I really enjoyed studying at WIE even if it only was for a short time (4 weeks). I really liked the teachers and my classmates who made me feel comfortable from the first minute. I also think that I learned a lot in the short time I've been here and improved especially my writing and my grammar. This is hopefully very helpful for passing the IELTS test so I can enrol for uni in New Zealand. But I still have 2 months left in New Zealand before I go back to Germany and try to enjoy the time as much as I can and use the time after school to prepare myself for the IELTS. Thank you for the good time :)
My name is Purisa I am from Cha-am, Thailand. I want to learn English because I want to prepare my English for my future. I very enjoyed to learn at WIE because I can have a lot of good friends and teacher at WIE their very helpful for me. I think I can improved my English after I came to WIE. I like everything at WIE and this school made me feel confident to used English. After leaving WIE I going to study at university in Thailand. maybe if next year I come to New Zealand for English I will think about WIE for the first school. When I go back to my country I will tell my friends about awesome school in New Zealand that I have learnt. Thank you for made me feel good when I learn in here. This school is unforgettable for me!
I am Iti Raheja, a registered nurse in India. Recently, I have completed English studies at WIE. It was an awesome experience to study here. I have made strong relations with the WIE teachers and my classmates. Teachers are incredibly helpful for students in WIE. All teachers always helped me regarding my studies and living in a completely new environment. I am now friends with international people now because of WIE. I had a great time with my teachers and friends. Concerning the English improvement, I have been improved a lot. My speaking skills are far better now. I can speak confidently now as we have done lots of presentation activities in classroom. Students can enjoy all the facilities like computers, table tennis, café area etc. I enjoyed a lot while going to trips organised by WIE. The things I liked the most is always cooperative and concerned behaviours of teachers and management. well, I have got an idea how to learn English appropriately as I have learnt lots of archaic English in India which is not longer in use in English speaking countries. Overall it was a fantastic experience to study at WIE. Thanks to all for everything.
Saudi Arabia
Hi, my name is Ayman. I'm Arabic from Saudi Arabia, Jeddah. I want to learn English because fun. I'm very happy in my school, Teachers in WIE very amazing! Classmates is great, I think it was an exciting experience. My English language now not bad, my plan is to work. I tell my family about WIE the school is amazing. The favourite part was the Tauranga trip.
I am VJ from the Philippines. I came here with a few Filipinos for the IELTS Preparation for my nursing registration. I like about this language school is the teachers who really genuinely care for their students and the receptionists and school staffs are very helpful and warm. I had a lot of fun especially when we have outdoor trips and ZUMBA classes. I met different friends from different countries. I have already passed my IELTS and just waiting for the nursing council's decision. As of the moment i am considering to take a post graduate course to upgrade my career.
I'm Fernanda from Santiago of Chile. I'm a physiotherapist and I came to New Zealand to study English because I'm married with a kiwi and I need a good score in my IELTS. When I arrived to NZ and especially the first month I was a little homesick, but as soon as I enter to study here I started to feel a lot better and I really had a wonderful time. I really enjoyed the trip to Mount Maunganui. I had a lot of fun and I feel that my English is better than when I arrived here. I think that the fact that we speak English in classes is wonderful and my class was amazing, my teachers were there in case I needed them. I will say to my family and friends that this was a wonderful experience.
I'm Nana. I was born Kagawa Prefecture of Japan. But my family have lived in Gifu Prefecture (near Nagoya) since twenty three years ago. So my hometown is there. I thought for a long time about I want to study abroad and to homestay. Last year, I was sick. I thought "if I feel better, I will try everything my own way." So I decided this stay. I enjoy my school "WIE". Staffs are very kindness, If I need helps, they correspond my question. My teachers speak clear pronunciation. And even if I made some mistake speaking, they praise me well. When I started my class, I worried whether difficult class for me. But I became a lot of friends, used to spending in class, and my motivation is up! We had a BBQ Party at teachers house, went to museum, I will never forget many memories and wonderful experience.
I am Victoria Kourova. I come from Russia. My city is Ekaterinburg. I took this course, because I needed to improve my English. Yes, I enjoyed. All teachers were very professional, and I especially want to thank Jim, for passing on his experience to us, his knowledge and sharing many stories that I always enjoyed listening too. I impressed the environment at school, all staff and students are very friendly. My English is getting better and I'm very happy about it. The most remarkable and enjoyable time was when Jim was my teacher. He is genius! I achieved the IELTS results - improved it. I plan further study, Follow me, very nice place ? Thank you!
I am My name is Milena Hawryszcuk I'm from Poland my hometown is Hruoieradw. I decided to study English to achieve 6.5 in the IELTS exam to be able to go study at the Waikato University - Environmental Planning. I really enjoyed being a student at WIE especially, because the teachers are very helpful, honest and friendly. What is more I've met here lots of amazing people from different countries. It was really nice when the school was making free lunches for new students, it was really helpful to know them better. I improved my English level from intermediate to advanced (IELTS 6.5). The most enjoyable part of study at WIE was afternoon class with Jim. Unfortunately I didn't participate in WIE's events to often, but if so I really enjoyed it. I will strongly recommend study at WIE to my friends.
My name is Ting GAO. I am from China. I have been living in New Zealand for 3 years with my family and we are going to live in here for a long time in the future. Since I am living in an English speaking country I have to improve my English and this was the reason why I came to WIE. I have studied in WIE for 9 months and my English has improved a lot with the help from my excellent teachers and lovely classmates. I was absolutely delighted because I got 6.5 in each band of IELTS exam two weeks ago. However, I have to admit that I couldn't achieve this score without the guide of my teachers. This week is the last week that I study at WIE, I am thinking of doing nursing course in February next year, but haven't made up my mind yet. It is very sad to say goodbye to everyone in WIE, but I will come to visit you since I will stay in New Zealand. Finally, I want to say these 9 months at WIE will be one of my best memories in my life. I would like to tell all my friends about how happy I was in WIE.
I am Ilariya Aristarkhova. I came to this incredible New Zealand from Russia. My main target was to improve my knowledge in English in all aspects of language: speaking, listening, writing and reading. I graduated the University in Russia in English major. But when you learn another language and don not communicate with native speakers, you study you will never understand it because for you, it will be like a dead language. Feeling a language alive is very important. I found WIE via internet, I sent them an application with the wonder of what would be like here. I came here for four months and it was the best time in my life. I have met here a lot of wonderful people, the school staff is very kind at the school. They always help you and always listen to you what is important when you are alone somewhere far away from you own home and family. At school we were like a big family. What I really liked was that when you met people here and don not know them, it does not really matter, you will just simply say “hello” friendly. What is about the teachers at WIE, they know their jobs very well. Lessons are interesting and you know more and learn more useful knowledge every day. Every teacher has their individual way of teaching. During the lesson, everyone was working. We had a lot of individual work, working in pairs and also we worked in groups. The teachers knew students’ level and knew how to work on what are good at and improve weaknesses in English. They worked individually with you and also with the whole class. I have studied at WIE three and a half months so far and I can say that I have achieved good results in English. Now I do not have any difficulties to read articles quickly and understand them after the first time which is much better than it was when I first came to NZ. I can write an essay or composition about any topics and it does not take me much time. I definitely have improved my listening and speaking skills because you have to use English to communicate with people everyday. For me, every day was special and unique. Every teacher has something interesting for us. The most remarkable things are the teachers’ ways to teach us, the atmosphere at school between people and outdoor activities and Christmas party. In several days, I will return to my country but I will never forget these four fantastic months. I will never forget my friends who I have met here. When I tell my friends and family about how I studied English in New Zealand, I will tell them that they should come and study English at WIE to improve their English because they will not only just see New Zealand, but they also can increase their level of knowledge very much. At WIE, you will have a great opportunity to get your goals in English. Thank you WIE, I will never forget you!
Maria Alejandra VERGARA PEREZ
I am writing this letter to say thank you, because I am so happy with my English now. Maybe my scores are not too high. However, I can express myself with confidence now. I have improved my grammar, speaking, listening and everything. Now I feel more confident and I think I can have a better job. My teachers, Dave and Ms.Val are the best teachers. Dave spent a lot of his time helping me with my grammar. In addition, he has prepared (in his own time) special exercises for me to keep me up with the pace of the class and not to be left behind. Also, he has been really happy to answer all my million questions and every time with good manners. I think he is a teacher with lots of motivation and patience. Val is my teacher in the afternoon class and she has improved my speaking, writing and score in IELTS. I am so happy with her, because she has helped me a lot (in her won time) with my personal writing such as emails and reports for my work. Now, I can be reaching my dream to go to the university in New Zealand one day soon. Another important person has been Hao. She has organised great entertainment for us and we have had good fun. I think that her job is really important in our school, because she keeps the students happy and motivated. She is the “smile” in the school. Also, she is also pleased to help us with any problems. In overall, I am really happy with the school and I have improved my English a lot. Now I can live with my dream to study in the university or I can have a better job. For those reasons, I encouraged my friend Paulo to study in this school. And I am happy to recommend the school to other people based on my own experience. Finally, thank you for letting me teach Zumba and giving me this great opportunity to learn this important language with the best teachers and team in Waikato.
South Korea
Jongsoo KANG
"I want to speak English well, so I came to new Zealand. the teachers are very kind and helpful to me. They explain things. I like it. I learn speaking, writing, listening and singing in English. I said to my family and friends that WIE is a happy place. It is very interesting and enjoyable to learn English. I recommend WIE".
Saudi Arabia
Mohammed AL-DUWAYS
My teachers teach me well, so I feel better to use English language. I say to my family and friends that WIE is a good school because of good teachers
I had studied in WIE for five months before I sat IELTS test. I found out that the teachers in upper-intermediate class wound give us some tips to do the IELTS exercise, especially writing and speaking. Before I studied in Upper-intermediate class, I tried to practice IELTS task 1, but I didn’t know how to analyze the chart. After our teacher taught us to write this kind of writing for 2 classes, I suddenly understood the way to do it. So I could do writing part well in the text.

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