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How to apply?
Step 1. Choose a course.

Step 2. Fill out an Application Form and send to market@wie.nz or apply online

Step 3. Make full payment.

Step 4. Receive the confirmation email.

Please find the details on Enrolment procedure.
How to choose a course?
NZCEL – Suited for students who plan to study at a university or polytech. They will not need to provide an IELTS certificate.

General English – To improve your English for everyday use, work, or travel, the General English Course is recommended.

IELTS Preparation – Needing to pass an IELTS requirement for higher studies, professional registration, or immigration? This course can help you.

NZCLT (TESOL) – If you want to become a language teacher of any language you are proficient at, this is the course for you.

Courses are flexible and can be adapted to your specific needs, see courses.
How much is a course?
To view our current fees list, please visit Fees & Payments.

Homestay Living Cost per Week                                 Over 18yrs                    18 and younger
 Accommodation                                                           $240                              $280 
Food                                                                                varies                             included 
Transport                                                                       $25                                 $25 
Mobile Phone Service                                                  $7.50                              $7.50 
Entertainment                                                               $50                                 $50 
Internet                                                                          included                         included 
Power                                                                             included                         included 
Water                                                                              included                         included 

Other Costs: 
Visa (varies by countries)                              $330
 Airline Ticket varies on location  
Medical and Travel Insurance varies on duration (approx. $600/year) 

Student are not likely to get a visa if they do not have enough money to live in New Zealand (approximately NZ$ 1667 per month, less prepaid accommodation costs). For a list of requirements please see Immigration New Zealand’s Website. If you would like a quotation, you can fill out our Online Application Form and our team will send you a Letter of Offer & Tax Invoice with the total fees payable.
How can I pay?
To view our current fees list, please visit Fees & Payment.
If you are from a Visa Free Country and you are studying for less than 3 months, we recommend you pay your fees: 
• At least four weeks before your course start date if you require WIE to arrange homestay accommodation.
 • At least two weeks before your course if you do not require homestay.
If you are applying for a student visa, you will need to pay your fees in FULL before you can get the visa. If you are not from a Visa Free Country, we highly recommend you DO NOT pay your fees UNTIL your visa has been APPROVED IN PRINCIPLE. This will protect you in case your visa is not approved. Once your visa is APPROVED IN PRINCIPLE you will need to pay your fees in FULL to get your visa.
Do I need a student visa?
No, if you are from a Visa Free Country. Once you are here, our staff can help you apply for a student visa, if you plan to study for more than 3 month.

 If you are on a…                                         You may study for up to ___ months in any 12-month period. 
Visitor Visa                                                   3 months 
Work Visa                                                     3 months 
Working Holiday                                         6 months 

 Yes, if you wish to study for 3 months or longer. To apply for a visa, you can contact New Zealand Immigration and download the necessary forms yourself or contact a licensed immigration adviser. If you are already in New Zealand and would like to study at WIE, we may be able to help you complete the forms to apply for a student visa.

What is the visa process?
If you are NOT in New Zealand: 
1. Student applies for an English language course at WIE. 
2. WIE sends a Letter of Offer and Tax Invoice to the student.
3. Student applies for their student visa, attaching the two documents to support the application. 
4. Once the visa is APPROVED IN PRINCIPLE, the student must then pay the course fees in FULL.
5. When WIE have received the full payment for the student’s course fees, we send Immigration New Zealand a signed Offer of a Place Letter. 
6. Immigration then completes the process and the student receives their passport with the visa. 

If you are in New Zealand: 
1. Student applies for an English language course at WIE. 
2. WIE issues a Letter of Offer and Tax Invoice to the student. 
3. The student must then pay the course fees in FULL and receives a Fees Receipt. 
4. Student applies for their student visa, attaching the Offer of Place and Tax Invoice, and Fees Receipt to support the application. 
5. Immigration then completes the process and the student receives their passport with the visa. 

 If the visa application is not approved, Immigration will send you a letter explaining why your application was declined. If you have already paid your course fees, you will be entitled to a refund. See our Withdrawal and Refund Policy As WIE does not directly work for Immigration New Zealand, we are not able to help you with your visa application. If you need immigration advice or help with applying for your visa, we recommend contacting a licensed immigration adviser.
Do I need to get Insurance?
All international students are required to have comprehensive insurance that covers the period of their visa. You can arrange this yourself, or we can organise it for you.
 Our preferred provider is Uni-care which provides insurance cover for medical & related expenses (including evacuation, repatriation & cancellation), luggage & personal effects, missed transport connection, death or disablement by injury, personal liability, kidnap & ransom, and rental vehicle excess.
Do I need to get Accommodation?
We are happy to organise homestay accommodation for all international students. If you are under 18 years old, you are required to live in a WIE-approved homestay or with a caregiver who is approved by your parents. For more information on Homestay and other types of accommodation please see Accommodation.
Can I work while I study in New Zealand?
If you want to work while you study, you will need to have a visa that allows you to work.
 There are several options:
 Student Visa: allows the holder to work up to 20 hours per week, provided you meet the following conditions: 
                        • You must be enrolled on a full-time IELTS Preparation Course lasting at least 6 months. 
                        • You have an IELTS overall band score of 5.0 or above. 
Working Holiday Visa: Allows the holder to work and study during the period of their visa. Suitable for applicants aged 18-30 years old. For eligibility requirements and available schemes visit Immigration New Zealand website. You would need to apply for a working holiday visa BEFORE you travel to New Zealand. WIE has special discounts for Working Holiday Visa Holders, please ask us! 
Work Visa: The holder may study up to three months of full-time study, or longer for part-time study. Please visit Immigration New Zealand website to see if you qualify for a temporary work visa. 

For a list of work opportunities in New Zealand, visit: New Zealand Now Website
How long do I need to study?
Depends on your English goals and current level of English, as well as your commitment to your studies. Most students take 1 term of full time study to complete one level, but some students take longer for a variety of reasons. Students are promoted based on merit, as determined by passing level tests, attendance, effort and completion of outcomes.
How many levels are there?
General English has 6 levels (from Beginner to Advanced) 
NZCEL has 7 levels (from Level 1F to Level 5) 
IELTS Preparation has 3 levels (from Intermediate to Advanced)
NZCLT has 2 levels (Level 4 & 5)
Which class level can I join?
If you have a valid English Language Proficiency Test Result (eg, Cambridge, IELTS, TOEIC, etc.), you will need to submit a copy of the certificate when you enrol. Then, you will be placed to the right level. If you don’t have a proof of your English level, you will sit a placement test at the beginning of the course that assesses your listening, grammar, writing and speaking. Your test results will tell us your English level and we can place you in the appropriate class.
What is the minimum age to enrol?
You need to be at least 14 years old to enrol.
Are there activities for students?
WIE has English Activities every afternoon after 3pm. Activities are optional, but we do encourage all students to participate so they have extra opportunities to practise their English. Most of the activities are free of charge and rarely have nominal fees.

Mondays - Study Activity: Learn new cultures and have new experiences 
Tuesdays - Social Activity: Enjoy the fresh air and sun with your friends 
Wednesdays - Free English Corner: Improve your speaking by playing fun games 
Thursdays - Free Pronunciation Class/ Cambridge Pre-test / IELTS Mock Test
Fridays - Social Club: Make new friends and improve your communication skills
How to get to WIE?
Auckland Airport (New Zealand’s major airline hub) is about 110kms north of Hamilton. If you booked the airport transfer service, it will only take about 1.5hours to get here. 

Alternatively, InterCity operates multiple daily bus services from Auckland taking approximately 2 hours which arrives at the Hamilton Transport Centre. We are across the road from the Hamilton Transport Centre, making it easy for students to get to and from the institute.

 Our campus is located in the heart of Hamilton City. WIE’s location is convenient, attractive and close to everything Hamilton has to offer. Cafes, shopping, cinemas, gardens, theatres, restaurants, libraries, transport hub, river walks, and the Hamilton Lake are all only minutes away. Please see About Hamilton for more information or visit the Hamilton City Website. For activities and attractions in Hamilton, see Tourism New Zealand website.
When can I start
You can start any Monday of our school year (not including Public Holidays). There is a 2-week holiday during Christmas and New Year’s. If you are applying for a student visa we recommend applying to start your course at least 3 months in advance, as it can take time for Immigration to process your visa application. See Academic Calendar.

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