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NZCEL Level 1

Welcome to New Zealand Certificate in English Language Level 1 (NZCEL Level 1)

The New Zealand Certificate in English Language Level 1 builds on what was learnt in English Foundation so that students can participate in general communication. The course develops language skills to give students the ability to participate in basic, familiar everyday situations. By the end of the course students will be able to understand commonly used spoken expressions and simple sentences and take part in everyday conversations. They will increase their understanding of simple written language and learn to write about personal everyday topics. This programme is worth 60 credits and involves a total of 600 hours class time and self-study.

Course Outcomes:

  • Talk about everyday life
  • Participate in simple, every conversations
  • Understand simple spoken information in everyday situations
  • Understand simple conversations about everyday situations
  • Read and understand simple written information
  • Read and understand simple written information and apply it in a practical way
  • Write about everyday topics
  • Write for practical, everyday purposes


  • Greetings and Personal Information
  • Occupations
  • Free time
  • Houses and Cities
  • Abilities and Success
  • Feelings
  • In the past
  • Shopping and Eating
  • City life
  • Going out
  • Future plans
  • Life experiences

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