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Holiday Program

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WIE’s Holiday programme is designed for visitors and tourists who want to learn English and visit places of interest in New Zealand. It enables participants to learn and use English for communication and travel in New Zealand. This programme is only for groups.

WIE offers a range English programmes or English Camp for your children’s learning and activities during holidays. These programmes are:

  • Summer English Holiday Programme or Summer English Camp
  • Winter English Holiday Programme or Winter English Camp
  • General English and Sports & Art Camp
  • General English and Culture Camp
  • Full time Study English Camp

Students’ Ages:
From 10+ years old

Business Partners:
Universities, Schools and Agents

Programme Features:

  • Qualified, experienced native teachers
  •  Intensive English lessons
  • Leisure and adventure activities
  • Stay with Kiwi families and experience Kiwi culture

Programme day / half day Excursions:

  • Polynesia spa (Rotorua)
  • Hamilton City Tour
  • Popular NZ Sheep Show & Farm Tour (Rotorua)
  • Beautiful Hamilton Gardens
  • Traditional Maori Village & Geyser (Rotorua)
  • Play at a local Golf Course
  • Local school tour (i.e. University, Polytechnic, High School)
  • Waikato Museum
  • Tauranga Beaches & Mount Maunganui
  • Auckland City Tour (Mt. Eden & Mission Bay & souvenir shopping)
  • Plus many more sights

Improve Your English

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